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Call for projects


IMPACT's objective is to provide financial support to its members for the organization of scientific events that are strongly linked to its themes (AMI "Scientific Animation") and to finance the incoming or outgoing mobility of young researchers in its network (AAP "Mobility").

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AMI « Scientific Animation »

Annual call for projects

Objective: to support events with a strong link to IMPACT


  • Aurélien Bustin (IHU Liryc), « Imaging workshop 2.0 », IHU Lyric et IBIO
  • Michel Thiebaut de Schotten (IMN), « Neuroscience Alliance : de l’anatomie à la cognition et aux troubles cliniques », mai 2023, Broca
  • Hervé Lemaître (IMN), « Journée de neuroimagerie cognitive chez l’humain », Broca

AAP « Mobility »

Annual call for projects

Objective: to support young researchers working in IMPACT's research areas


  • Elise Cosenza (IMN, supervisor: Laurent Petit) - University of Sherbrooke (Canada) for the project ʺFinalization of a pipeline for automatic analysis of MRI data in mice" (from June 1st to July 31st 2023).
  • François Maingault (CRMSB, supervisor: Emeline Ribot - CHUV-University of Lausanne (Switzerland) for the project " Detection of respiratory pathologies via cardio thoracic imaging " (from 1st to 31st May 2023).
  • Christian Limberger (supervisor: Eduardo R. Zimmer) from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) for the project "Deciphering the cellular and molecular basis of imaging signals" (24 July - 24 October 2023).


  • Simon Boylan (INCIA, supervisor: Alexandre Zénon) - Department of Radiology, Medical College (Wisconsin, USA) for the project « mesure du taux métabolique de l’oxygène (CMRO2) en IRM » (from March 1st to March 27th 2024).
  • Merve Ilhan-Bayrakci (supervisor: Oliver Tuescher) from Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research (Germany) for the project « Analyser les données d’IRM fonctionnelle de repos et analyses statistiques » (15 september - 15 november 2024).
  • Tommy Broeders (supervisor: Ismail KOUBIYR) from Clinical Neuroscience team, department of Anatomy and Neurosciences (Netherland) for the project « Explication et prédiction des déficits cognitifs dans la SEP » (23 April - 11 May).