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WP1 Neuroimaging


The brain is working as an interconnecting network. In several pathological conditions, there are alterations of the structural and/or functional connections. Revealing such data in vivo through advance diffusion and functional MRI methods hold promise for a better understanding and monitoring of several neurological disorders.

Within IMPACT, different research teams at the UB are working together and in interaction with the University Hospital to evolve MRI-derived connectivity measurements into more personalised strategies.
This involves:
  1. to develop methods in animals in order to validate new directions pre-clinically (WP1-1)
  2. to develop robust methods of post-processing in animals (WP1-1) and humans (WP1-2)
  3. to set up first large scale studies in patients based on already available solutions (WP1-3).

WP1-1 : Revealing the rodent brain connectome: toward a new generation of multimodal MRI acquisition sequences and data processing

  • General objectives – To develop high-resolution MR acquisition sequences and implement advanced multimodal imaging analysis pipelines (including quality control) to build structural and functional macroscopic rodent brain connectomes. 
  • WP leaders – Sylvain Miraux (CRMSB) ; Laurent Petit, Marc Joliot (IMN)
  • PhD candidate – Elise Consenza (supervisor: Laurent Petit) 

WP1-2 : Holistic Brain Analysis

  • General objectives – to analyse the entire brain anatomy as a coherent whole and considering the relationships between tasks and anatomical levels.
  • WP leaders – Pierrick Coupé, Boris Mansencal, Michaël Clément, Vinh-Thong Ta (LaBRI) ; Nicolas Papadakis (IMB) ; Gwenaelle Catheline (INCIA)
  • PhD candidate – Edern Le Bot (supervisor: Pierrick Coupé)

WP1-3: Connectome and disconnectome approaches for prognostication following stroke

  • General objectives – To provide accurate and personalized symptom predictions (both functional and cognitive outcome) for any stroke location in the brain using a disconnectome-based approach.
  • WP leaders – Michel Thiebaut de Schotten (IMN) ; Thomas Tourdias, Aurélie Ruet (Magendie) ; Igor Sibon (INCIA)
  • PhD candidate – Anna Matsulevits (supervisor: Thomas Tourdias and Michel Thiebaut de Schotten)

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