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Hadj Bouzid Amèle Imène


PhD candidate WP2-2

Centre de Recherche Cardio-Thoracique de Bordeaux
Plateforme Technologique d'Innovation Biomédicale (PTIB)
Hôpital Xavier Arnozan
Avenue du Haut Lévêque
33600 Pessac


HADJ BOUZID Amel Imene graduated with an Engineering degree in Computer Science from the Higher National School of Computer Science (ESI) and further pursued a Master's degree in Medical Informatics from Paris Descartes University (Paris 5). She embarked on her professional journey as a Research Engineer at the Research Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (Cerist), where her primary focus was on detecting COVID-19 lesions in computed tomography images.

Subsequently, she joined the IMPACT research group to conduct her doctoral thesis. Her research centers on the detection of pulmonary lesions using various imaging techniques, including CT scans and MRI, utilizing deep learning methodologies. The goal of her thesis is to ascertain the severity of lung impairments and to explore the potential for applying these methods across different imaging modalities. Her work is especially significant in the context of emerging treatments, aiming to enhance the precision of diagnosing chronic lung diseases.